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What are BLU light panels and how can they be used?


BLU, i.e. BACK LIGHT UNIT, is a modern lighting form used in such units as monitors, TV or phones.


Owing to the unique effects they secure, the BLU light panels and coffers have wide range of application in advertisement and arrangement of interiors (including those of shops and malls).


BLU light panels include:


  • advertising boards, signboards, coffers, and banner or poster illuminations,

  • partition walls with illuminating patterns and other illuminating elements of the interior arrangements,

  • product display illuminations (shop counters, display cases, cabinets, shelving and units).


BLU technology secures, first of all, the uniform, powerful light on the whole surface of the light panels, and furthermore, it offers the possibility of the selective illumination of graphics, owing to which we can highlight the given fragment of the advertisement or decoration.


How is this made?



In order to make BLU panels we use acryl plates (plexi) which function as fibre-optic cables.

A layer of the plastic undergoes laser-engraving in order to create the light scattering points matrix. The density and size of such points are adjusted through a special logarithm.

Then we illuminate the plate – depending on its size – from one, two or four sides with LEDs emitting the white light.

Thus we obtain the event lighting effect on the whole of the plate.

The panels can be as thin as 4 mm and their size can reach even 2000x1500 mm!

Beside the uniform lighting on the whole surface, we are in position to supply plates with any engraved lighting patterns or selectively illuminated fragments of the plate, highlighting the given fragment of the advertisement or graphic.


Merits of light panels made in SEI BLU technology



  • best illumination in comparison with other technologies,

  • low weight and remarkable aesthetic value,

  • low production costs,

  • high production speed,

  • possibility of production of large sizes,

  • possibility of selective illumination,

  • easy preparation for production,

  • LEDs guarantee long life and energy saving.




  • raising the attractiveness of product display (e.g. illuminated counters, display units and shelving),

  • interior decoration in shops, galleries, service points, offices and industrial premises (e.g. illuminated partition
    walls, modern changing rooms),

  • signboards, banners, coffers, posters, etc.


Within the scope of the standard offer we propose 3 solutions:


  1. The BLU light panels (uniform illumination).

    BLU panels from 6 mm covered acryl plate with the light points matrix.

    Product symbol
    Standard formats: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, B0, B1, B2.

  2. BLU-illuminated boards with aluminium snap frames.

    The set includes:

    - a click frames, 25 mm silver profile,
    - colourless antireflection shield,
    - BLU panel with the light point matrix,
    - white colour LED illumination,
    - power pack, 3 m cable,
    - PVC foamed backing.

    Product symbol
    Standard formats: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, B0, B1, B2. 

  3. Graphic carrier (graphic design printout) with UV or solvent digital printout on high quality Backlit polyester film.

    Product symbol
    Standard formats: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, B0, B1, B2.


How to submit an inquiry or order for BLU light panels?

4 steps will suffice:


  1. Make sure whether the panel is to illuminate the whole of the graphic or just a selected fragment.

  2. Specify the size of the panel, taking into account that the maximum size we can supply is 2000x1500 mm. The thickness of the plate will be adjusted to the size of your panels!
  3. Decide whether you want to order just an acryl plate with the system of LED mounted e.g. in the aluminium profiles or maybe you are interested in the graphic board.

  4. Email your inquiry to info@artplex.co.uk.

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