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We are the reliable and experienced partner with brand owners and retailers. We design, develop and produce state-of-the-art commercial displays and POS materials. We are able to provide comprehensive services to our clients. The scope of our services covers the entire implementation process: from customer's need analysis, through the design and development of a technical concept, visualization, prototyping, serial production, to the distribution and assembly of elements or entire solutions. We also have unique expertise in managing multi-material projects.


projects per year

years of experience
modern plants with advanced machines for wood, metal and plastic processing
partners in 26 countries
team members


Jerzy Kalinowski


Dorota Kalinowska

sales manager

Volodymyr Bortiuk

project coordinator

Tomasz Chojnacki

control manager

Anna Szemraj

dział administracji

Cezary Głowacki

chief operating officer

Elwira Chrostek

general manager


Emilia Mrozińska

key account manager

Grzegorz Piekarski

project coordinator

Jarosław Kasper

specjalista ds. zakupów i logistyki

Magdalena Ciszewska

key account manager

Patrycja Daniluk


Tomasz Godlewski

konstruktor - technolog


Commitment to the highest standards of production quality, extensive competence and knowledge led us to cooperation with leading companies and brands from various industries.

Sustainable approach

Taking care of the resources and condition of our planet is one of the basic determinants of our business operations.
We are constantly introducing new activities affecting sustainable development.
We are expanding our machine park based on energy-saving and efficient machines.
The production process is subject to a reduction in the amount of waste and its strict segregation.
In production, we try to use materials from proven sources and those that are environmentally friendly or recycled.
Our factories use green energy thanks to their own photovoltaic installations.



Artplex is founded.
We start cooperation with the first major customer: Carrefour Polska.
Employment: 2 employees


A technical department at the production department is created.


Inauguration of a vacuum forming department.


A large-format printing house is launched.


Opening sales department in Warsaw.
Design studio launch.


Opening plastic and metal production department in Płock.


Carpentry and paint shops in the main production department in Kobyłka are officially lanched.


Inauguration of the new branch office of Artplex in the UK


Water policy

Enviro-conscious production: reduce impact, uphold water policies, comply with laws, minimize usage, raise awareness, ensure ongoing development.


Anti-corruption policy

Zero-tolerance anti-corruption policy: Report violations confidentially, face disciplinary action, dismissal, or legal consequences.



Ethical Business policy

Ethical business: Customer satisfaction, fair treatment, responsible dealings, fair competition, environmental responsibility, legal adherence.


Policy against modern slavery and human trafficking

We combat slavery, follow laws, reject unethical support, demand supplier compliance, and reinforce commitment through certifications and annual reviews.


Environmental policy and sustainable development

We promote eco-friendly practices: equipment care, waste reduction, sustainable resource use, legal compliance.



Occupational health and safety policy

Prioritizing occupational health with a comprehensive policy: hazard elimination, monitoring, training, legal compliance, risk assessment, and employee involvement


Expansion of the metal production department in Płock.
Launching a powder paint shop.


Expansion of the sales.


Quality Handbook

Committed to quality, customer service, and competitiveness. Goals: customer care, system development, supplier cooperation, and image maintenance. Initiatives: employee skill improvement, customer needs analysis, operational effectiveness monitoring, and fostering employee responsibility.


New brand identification.
20th anniversary of the company.


Leveling Up!
New Laser Tube for Metal Cutting

Great news! In 2022, we invested in a new laser tube for cutting metal profiles. This means sharper cuts, faster turnaround times, and more materials to work with!

We’re committed to innovation and bringing you the best metalworking solutions.



Power Up!
Artplex revolutionizes Metalworking with Punching and Laser Technology

This made a game-changing investment in our metalworking capabilities. We’ve integrated a powerful combination of punching and laser cutting technology, offering unmatched efficiency and precision for your projects.


Expanding Horizons!
We’re Investing in Swiss Technology for Bigger Printing Possibilities

This year, we are thrilled to unveil a game-changing addition to our arsenal: a cutting-edge Swiss printing line! This powerhouse technology unlocks a world of possibilities for your POSM and Pop-Retail displays, taking them to the next level of visual impact.