NUTELLA floor stand


Creation of floor stand, fitted to confined shop aisles. Folding construction, easy to transport.


Promotion of the product at the point of sale required both a stable construction but also materials that will not pollute the environment. Construction of bleached natural plywood. The whole is protected by a metal bumper, which provides protection from damage by shopping carts. Adjustable shelf levels allows to adjust the space between the shelves to different sizes of products. All in colors characteristic for the brand. The whole product is delivered to the customer in the form of a flat package with a simple even intuitive installation by a sales representative at the site. The display unit takes up both little space in transport and store space at the point of sale.

Channel: supermarket chain
Dimensions: w:40cm x d:40cm x h:150cm
Range of project: design, technical solution, manufacturing, installations
Materials: steel construction, metal sheet, plywood, digital printing