PEPSI foldable stand


Folding construction, easy to transport, 100% able to be recycled.


The stand is made entirely of steel and cardboard. The main objectives that Artplex Company had in designing this stand were durability (with a projected minimum life of 5 years) and the reduction of transport costs. With dimensions of 440x400x1600mm, the stand ultimately fits into a cardboard box of 660x430x200mm, allowing 16 stands to be stacked on a pallet. In this way, Artplex has achieved its goal and in the process produced an eco-friendly stand that is in line with environmental protection and minimises the carbon footprint.

Channel: supermarket chain
Dimensions: w:39cm x d:34.5cm x h:150cm
Range of project: design, technical solution, manufacturing
Materials: steel construction, cardboard, digital printing