ALDI fruit & vegetables island


Development of a technical solution.


Full development of the shelving concept in the fruit and vegetable zone. It was crucial to design the display for a certain number of products and crates and to fit it into the limited dimensions of the zones available to the stores while ensuring the modularity of the solution and the possibility of their customated selection. When designing, we focused on the stability of the structure and resistance to its daily heavy use, as well as designing it in balance with the price and weight of the materials used. Product lighting additionally exposes the products. The whole was to be consistent with the character and design of the client's stores. We provided installation of the solutions in each of the locations indicated by the client.

Kanał: discount supermarket chain
Wymiary: w:845cm x d:175cm x h:154cm
Zakres projektu: technical solution, manufacturing, installations, service
Materiały: steel structure, plywood, HPL veneer, LED lightning