PEPSI Rockstar/Doritos stand


Creative POSM support for Rockstar brand.


We are experienced designers and manufacturers of racks for beverages and other products, and our new rack is a real breakthrough in its category. Our design combines a unique construction, a dedicated color for the metal structure and a color-matched for the rest of the elements and a combination of materials provides an outstanding effect. In addition, the spatial topper elements attract customers' attention, and the optimized shelf angle reduces the need for pushers, providing easy access to products. Trust our experience and choose a rack that will provide the perfect display for your products!

Kanał: supermarket chain
Wymiary: w:60cm x d:40cm x h:180cm
Zakres projektu: design, technical solution, manufacturing
Materiały: steel construction, perforated metal panel, DIBOND, PMMA, digital printing, screen printing – selective varnish